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It’s official: No PARCC field tests for Florida

TestingFlorida has dropped its role as fiscal agent for PARCC, with an eye toward leaving the Common Core testing consortium altogether.

So it should come as no surprise that the state won’t participate in PARCC’s field testing of its assessments come springtime.

Still, education commissioner Pam Stewart made the decision official just before Thanksgiving, alerting superintendents that the state won’t have any exams aligned to the new standards in place this year.

“Florida is engaged in a fair and open process through ourInvitation to Negotiate (ITN), leaving all options available as we move forward with the statewide assessment decision,” Stewart wrote in her memo. “Florida’s choice of a statewide assessment will meet the state requirements regarding accessibility to assessments, instructional alignment and school district readiness to administer the assessments. Since there will not be an opportunity to field test all options prior to making a decision, it is best that we not field test one assessment within the state and not the others.”


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